Week Nine – Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

I tried a little something different this week in terms of my photos, I decided to take photos of every step of the way to create the whole experience!

I guess there was two firsts for me this week… I tried partaking in mise en place! Mise en place is basically just getting everything you need out and set up before you start your baking/cooking. One of my biggest downfalls when cooking/baking is that I don’t take out my ingredients until I need them and that causes a lot of issues! I often come across very limited amounts of an ingredient that I need lots of or just none at all so I have to put a halt on my baking to go get the needed ingredient. Mise en place is a super simple way to avoid this mistake, and even helped me realize that I needed eggs so I was able to get them before I started this time! Definitely something that I am going to bring forward with me!

When making my batter, I whisked the dry ingredients together and slowly started adding my wet ingredients with my stand mixer. I noticed that when I started scooping my batter into my liners, it was super runny. So I added more flour to semi-thicken the batter. I made the mistake of adding just that little bit too much flour and they turned out to be fairly dense, but still edible.

I then went on to make homemade buttercream icing (my all-time favourite icing!), and iced those cupcakes up!

This recipe made 48 or so cupcakes so I was able to send some to work with my dad for his staff to enjoy since we definitely couldn’t eat all of them! As my uncle works with my dad, I received this text from him when we tried them! He ended up having 3 throughout the day, so I guess I did something right!

The cupcake recipe can be found here and the icing recipe can be found here, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Week Nine – Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

  1. Haha I laughed at your dad saying you’re going to be better cook than your mom. You are doing a great job – those look delicious! If you want to, I have some piping equipment if you want to up your skills on the huge 2 inch icing!! Let me know! Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Payge!
    Cupcakes are a staple when it comes to quick and easy desserts. I also learned something new today from your post, “Mise en place” — I often do this as I always want to make sure I have everything beside me before I begin the process of doing anything in the kitchen, I find if I don’t I am scrambling around trying to find things feeling panicked. I love the comment about cooking better than your mom, but honestly, can we ever become better than them? I don’t think so. Great capture of the pictures and the steps!


  3. This was a great post Payge! As someone who learns more visually, and also does not bake, I really enjoyed the inclusion of pictures of each step. I also never thought how simple using mise en place would make baking. I know I will definitely need to start doing that when I cook. I am sure everyone has got halfway through cooking to realize they are missing something.


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