Get Close With Your (Taste) Buds!

This week, I used a website called Smore to create a fun little news letter to document my week 4 project – Strawberry Sorbet! Thinking about which app I wanted to use was actually quite an easy task. I boiled (cooking pun intendedđŸ˜‰) all of the choices down to the three options that I wasContinue reading “Get Close With Your (Taste) Buds!”

Week Three – Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches

This week, I made crispy buttermilk chicken sandwiches. I found a recipe online that was a remake of a Popeyes chicken sandwich. The recipe can be found here. My family likes to eat a lot of chicken, so we buy quite a few different frozen chicken burgers from the store to throw in the oven.Continue reading “Week Three – Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches”

Week One – The Plan

Over the next thirteen weeks, I will be doing a mixture of both baking and cooking to satisfy that sweet tooth as well as the stomach! Week One The Plan Week Two Carrot Cake Week Three Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches Week Four Strawberry Sorbet Week Five Souvlaki Week Six New York Cheesecake Week Seven Homemade PastaContinue reading “Week One – The Plan”

Learning Project – The Beginning… Again

After very careful consideration, and lack of time, I have decided to officially change my learning project! I would really enjoy learning ASL, but between school and work, I just don’t have the time to learn what I find to be meaningful. I have decided to switch my focus over to cooking and baking! IContinue reading “Learning Project – The Beginning… Again”

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