It All Comes Down to The Finale

As this winter semester comes to an end, so does my learning project! I had such a fun time learning different techniques and skills to do with cooking from online resources, and I hope you found my journey interesting! With the close of the learning project, I wanted to share some of my biggest accomplishmentsContinue reading “It All Comes Down to The Finale”

Why Did the Chicken Cross(y) the Road?

This week we were asked to complete an Hour of Code project on! If you couldn’t tell, I chose to do a practice code of the all-time favourite, Crossy Road!! Let’s take a journey through my coding, shall we? Starting at Level 1, we started super simple with adding a right arrow only action.Continue reading “Why Did the Chicken Cross(y) the Road?”

Week Nine – Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

I tried a little something different this week in terms of my photos, I decided to take photos of every step of the way to create the whole experience! I guess there was two firsts for me this week… I tried partaking in mise en place! Mise en place is basically just getting everything youContinue reading “Week Nine – Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing”

Week Eight – Shepherd’s Pie

This week was a classic… Shepherd’s Pie!! One of my dad’s favourite foods is Shepherd’s Pie and with my mom working full-time, out of the house now, he hasn’t been able to have it for quite some time. My dad recently started the process of building our new cabin with a couple buddies. My momContinue reading “Week Eight – Shepherd’s Pie”

Sherlock Holmes Who?

This week, we dug into our classmates dirt with the practice of cybersleuthing! I had the pleasure of sleuthing my classmate Sequoia! I started by just searching her name on Google, I came across her public Twitter, youtube, blog, education podcast on spotify (all tagged for educational purposes!). Her Facebook also comes up, her informationContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes Who?”

Week Seven – Homemade Pasta with Chicken Alfredo

This week I made homemade pasta and Alfredo sauce! Everything was super tasty, my best friend and my whole family throughly enjoyed the sauce and noodles. I used this recipe to create the sauce. With this sauce, you definitely have to work very fast. It was a fairly liquid-y sauce, and as I am usedContinue reading “Week Seven – Homemade Pasta with Chicken Alfredo”

Digital Citizenship and The Saskatchewan Curriculum – Are They The Perfect Pair?

For this weeks blog post, I hit up the good ol’ Saskatchewan Curriculum and took my first, in-depth look at it… but we’ll get to that in a moment! What is Digital Citizenship? Digital citizenship is how a person should act when using digital tools, interacting with others online, and what should be taught to help theContinue reading “Digital Citizenship and The Saskatchewan Curriculum – Are They The Perfect Pair?”

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